Udvartana,Shirodhara And Njavarakizhi
Udvartana Therapy – Weight Loss And Diabetes Prevention.

Udvartana Therapy – Weight Loss And Diabetes Prevention.

This Is The Massage For You If You’re Put Off By The Sticky Oil. Udvartana Is A Type Of Ayurvedic Massage In Which A Dry Herbal Powder Or Paste Is Mixed With Medicinal Oils And Applied To The Body.

Attitude And Upward Strokes Among The Rub Are Alluding To “Udvartana.” With The Help Of An Ayurvedic Massage Specialist, You Can Get The Most Out Of This Treatment. Even More So, The Rubbing During Massage Is Done In The Opposite Direction Of Normal Massage. As A Key Benefit Of The Udvartana, Toxins Can Be Expelled From The Body Through The Skin. There Are Some Doctors That Use It To Help Reduce Cellulite And Fat That Has Accumulated Under The Skin.

Udvartana Is Also A Good Way To Rid The Body Of Toxins. By Massaging The Body In An Upward Motion, The Fat Is Condensed Into A Mass And Then Expelled Outwardly. Through Pores In The Epidermis, These Herbs And Powders Penetrate Deep Into The Body. The Lymphatic Toxins Are Also Reduced As A Result Of This Procedure. Even Blood Flow And A Rejuvenating Effect On The Body Are Achieved. Mustard, Senna, Deodar, Gooseberry, Horse Gram, Myrobalan, Belerica, And Phyllanthu Are The Herbs Utilised In Udvartana. Pastes Of Flour, Cereals And Herbs Will Be Made By The Therapist. The Paste Is Subsequently Applied To The Entire Body For Medicinal Purposes.

Udvartana Is A Full-Body Massage That Uses Herbal Powder Or Paste In A Rhythmic Motion. Among The Conditions For Which This Therapy Is Commonly Prescribed Are Diabetes, Obesity, Paralysis, Skin Care, Sciatica, And Indigestion. In Addition To Cleansing And Nourishing The Skin, This Massage Also Improves Muscle Tone And Circulation. Udvartana Is An Excellent Method For Removing Excess Fat From The Body.


Harad, Bibhitaki, Amla, Deodar, Senna, Kulthi, And Other Nerve-Stimulating And Nourishing Ingredients Are Found In Udvartana Powder.

On How Is Udvartana Performed

The Powder Or Paste Is Rubbed Into The Entire Body For 30 To 45 Minutes In Udvartana (Any Of The Three Procedures). Fat Is Removed From The Body By The Powder’s Absorptive Properties. Swedana Massages Are Best Followed By A Herbal Sauna And A Shower To Remove The Powder Or Paste Used In The Massage.

How It All Works

Herbal Powders That Are Both Dry And Hot Are Used In Udvartana. The Paste Is Made Primarily Of Sesame Oil, Which Is Hot In Flavour. Incorporating All Of The Herbs And Oils Into Your Diet Will Help You Feel Lighter And More Flexible. It Has A Liquefying Effect On The Fat Tissue. To Open Pores, Remove Blockages In The Vessels, Increase Heat In The Tissues, And Stimulate Fat Metabolism, Rubbing Herbal Powders And Oils On The Skin With A Specific Action Is Beneficial.

Customers Are Asked To Sit In A Herbal Steam Chamber With Their Heads Out Of It After They’ve Had A Massage And The Paste Has Been Applied To Their Bodies. A Lot Of Water (Kapha) Is Flushed Out Of The Body During This Treatment, And The Pores Begin To Widen. Herbal Oil Mixed With Paste Penetrates Deeper Into Skin As Pores Open, Which Begins To Liquefy Fat.


  • An Expert In Panchakarma Should Supervise Udvartana Whenever It Is Practised.
  • Udvartana Should Be Avoided By Those With High Blood Pressure And Skin Infections.
  • A Look At The Advantages Of Udvartana.
  • Weight Loss Aids
  • Enhances The Appearance Of The Skin’s Complexion.
  • Relieves Tension And Promotes Restful Sleep.
  • Removes Blood Vessel Obstructions.
  • Fat Metabolism Is Boosted By This Supplement.
  • Vata And Kapha Are Both Reduced And Balanced.
  • People With Diabetes And Obesity Will Greatly Benefit From This.