Udvartana,Shirodhara And Njavarakizhi
The Ayurvedic Treatment For Paralysis Known As Njavarakizhi Can Be Found Here.

The Ayurvedic Treatment For Paralysis Known As Njavarakizhi Can Be Found Here.

Njavara Rice Is Stuffed Into Cotton Fabric Boluses And Massaged Into The Body After A Substantial Amount Of Medicinal Oil Is Applied. Paralysis Can Be Treated With Ayurvedic Methods. To Promote Sudation, The Boluses Are Dipped In A Regenerative Mixture Of Cow’s Milk And A Brewed Herbal Decoction (Sweat). With This Treatment, The Client Is Given The Tools They’ll Need To Handle A Hectic Existence With Ease. It Improves The Skin’s Texture, Tone, And Elasticity, As Well As Its Overall Look. In Njavarakizhi, We Are Among The Greatest Massage Parlours.

Feeding The Body’s Tissues

The Art Of Skin Care

Njavarakizhi Has Been Found To Be Useful In The Treatment Of The Following Ailments:

Kizhis (Pouches) Made Of Navara Rice, A Very Medicinal Grain, Are Used In This Treatment. The Sufferer In The Dhroni Is Covered In These Warm Kizhis. We Treat A Person Who Has Polio From A Long Time Ago. Typically, Two Masseuses Work Together For 60 To 90 Minutes A Day For A Predetermined Amount Of Time. Rheumatism, Emaciation, High Blood Pressure And Cholesterol Can All Be Alleviated By Najavarakzhi Therapy. Polio And Paralysis Have Been Reported To Benefit Greatly From This Treatment. The Pain In The Joints Is Greatly Reduced.

When Njnavarakizhi (Bolus) Loaded With Njavara Rice Is Massaged All Over The Body, It Is Known As Shashtikashali Pinda Swedam, Or Shashtikashali Pinda Therapy. One Of The Finest Ways To Rejuvenate Your Body Is To Use Njavarakizhi, Which Has Been Discovered To Be Particularly Beneficial In Treating Arthritis, Hemiplegia, Spinal Kyphosis, Cervical Myelopathy, And Perthes Disease.

How Njavarakizhi Is Performed

The Kizhi’s Loaded With Njavara Rice, Which Has Previously Been Cooked In The Herbal Decoction, Are Then Pressed And Massaged All Over The Body. Deodar, Mustard, Sida, And Even Milk Or Ghee Can Be Found In The Herbal Concoction. Repeated Dipping In Warm Milk And Herbal Decoction Will Be Followed By A Gentle Massaging Of The Kizhis On Various Parts Of The Body.

The Question Of Why Navara Rice Is So Popular Is An Intriguing One.

A Variety Of Medical Qualities Are Claimed For Njavara Rice. It Is Often Regarded As The Best Rice Variety.

Duration Of Therapy

Njavarakizhi Is A 90-Minute Therapy That Can Extend For Up To 14 Days, Depending On The Patient’s Condition.

Maintains A Healthy Complexion

As The Biggest Organ In The Human Body, Your Skin Requires Specific Attention. You Must Try This Treatment If You Want To Improve The Texture Of Your Skin And Make It Brighter And More Beautiful. This Technique, Which Originated In Kerala, Is 100% Natural And Has No Negative Effects.

Strengthens And Enhances Muscle Tone.

You Will Also Get Muscle Strength As A Result Of Njavarakizhi. Try This Therapy If You’re Experiencing General Bodily Weakness As A Result Of Your Age.

Cholesterol Levels Can Be Lowered.

High Cholesterol Has Become A Prevalent Health Problem In The Modern World. Njavarakizhi Treatment And A Change In Diet Can Help Alleviate This Condition. As A Result Of This Therapy’s Ability To Induce Sweating, Blood Circulation And Cholesterol Levels Are Improved.

Defeats Anxiety

This Massage Is Ideal If You’ve Been Feeling Stressed Lately And Want To Unwind. Njavarakizhi Is Not Only Good For Your Body, But Also For Your Mind. It Relaxes The Mind And Alleviates The Stress-Related Symptoms.

Osteoarthritis Symptoms Are Alleviated.

Njavarakizhi Can Also Help Alleviate The Symptoms Of Arthritis. In Addition, Repeated Njavarakizhi Treatments Strengthen The Muscles, Allowing For Long-Term Relief For Arthritis Sufferers.