Abhyanga,Pizhichil And Garshana
Rejuvenate Your Body And Your Mind With Pizhichil Treatment!

Rejuvenate Your Body And Your Mind With Pizhichil Treatment!

Using Lukewarm Medicated Oils, Pizhichil Is An Ancient Ayurvedic Treatment That Involves A Gentle Massage Of The Entire Body. “Treatment For Aristocrats” Or “The King Of Ayurvedic Therapies” Were The Names Given To The Treatment In Ancient Times Because The Kings Received It. Sarvangadhara, Kaya Seka, And Thailadhara Are Some Of The Other Names For The Pizhichil Procedure.

In Ayurveda’s Panchakarma Treatment, The Oil And Heat Therapy Of Pizhichil Is A Key Component In Improving Blood Circulation And Eliminating Toxins From The Body. After Squeezing Out The Oil From A Towel, A Refreshing Massage Is Administered To Your Body.

The Pizhichil Method

It’s Important To Know What Type Of Person You Are And What Kind Of State Your Doshas Are In Before Beginning A Treatment. Everything Needed For The Process, Including The Equipment And Masseuses Or Attendants, Is Gathered Before The Procedure Begins.

The First Step In Pizhichil Is To Pour A Steady Stream Of Oil Over Your Head And Body. The Type Of Oil Mixture Used In The Treatment Is Determined By Your Medical Circumstances And Your Personal Preferences. Most Commonly Used Oils Include Chandanbala Laxadi Oil, Ksheerabala Oil, Dhanwantharam Oil, Shatavari Oil, And Yashtimadhu Oil.

This Ayurvedic Treatment, Known As Ekhanga Pizhichil, Or Ardhanga Pizhichil, Comprises A Whole Body Massage, But It Can Also Be Used To Target Specific Areas Of The Body. During The Massage, You Will Be Required To Sit, Lie On Your Stomach, Lie On Your Back, And Finally Lie On Your Right And Left Sides. The Massage Requires Two To Four Individuals And Lasts Between 60 And 90 Minutes.

In Order To Achieve Long-Term Emotional And Physical Well-Being, At Least Seven Sessions Of The Process Are Recommended. Shirodhara Treatment, In Which Therapeutic Oil Is Continuously Poured On The Forehead Of The Patient While They Are Receiving Pizhichil Therapy, Is Sometimes Administered Afterward.

Pizhichil Therapy Requires Roughly Three To Four Litres Of Warm Or Lukewarm Oils, Which Must Be Kept At A Comfortable Temperature Throughout The Procedure. Draining The Massage Oil Into A Collector Allows It To Be Reheated And Reapplied To The Recipient.

The Patient Is Then Protected From Exposure To Cold Until The Treatment Is Complete. A Hot Or Lukewarm Bath Follows A Pizhichil Massage, Which Is Typically Administered In The Morning Or Evening. A Good Night’s Sleep Or Rest Is Guaranteed Following The Operation Because The Therapy Is Calming To The Mind And Body.

Pizhichil Therapy’s Many Advantages

When You Have Pizhichil Therapy, Your Mind Is Calmed And Relaxed. As A Result, Those Who Are Depressed May Benefit From It. In Addition, It Can Be Quite Beneficial For Both Physical And Emotional Well-Being. Therapy With Pizhichil Has Many Advantages, Such As:

Reduces Tiredness: Pizhichil Massage Has Been Shown To Reduce Tiredness And Exhaustion In The Muscles, As Well As To Restore Physical And Mental Vitality.

Pizhichil Is An Ayurvedic Detoxification Treatment For The Skin That Removes Impurities From The Body. Also, The Massage Removes Dead Skin Cells And Toxins From Your Skin, Resulting In A More Radiant Complexion. Because It Promotes Normal Blood Flow, It Gives You A More Youthful-Looking Complexion.

Vata Imbalances Can Lead To A Variety Of Health Problems, Therefore It’s Important To Get Rid Of Them. The Vata Dosha Is Calmed And Symptoms Of Weakness, Stiffness, Irritation, And Discomfort Are Alleviated With Pizhichil Massage. Neuromuscular Functioning And Paralysis Can Also Benefit From It.

Stress Management: Your Brain Has Many Jobs To Do, And This Can Lead To Mental Exhaustion. A Great Technique To Relieve Stress, Worry, And High Blood Pressure Is With A Pizhichil Massage, Which Calms And Soothes Your Brain.

For A Long Time, Injuries From Previous Accidents Can Wreak Havoc On One’s Health, Causing Pain And Discomfort In The Body. Minor Discomfort, Muscular Tension Or Weakening Are Some Of The Symptoms They Can Present With. If You Find Yourself In This Circumstance, The Pizhichil Surgery May Be Able To Help Alleviate Your Symptoms. When Utilised In Massage, The Herbal Oils Employed Can Assist To Reduce Swelling And Relieve Chronic Pain.

Reduces Nerve Weakness: Inflammation, Compression, Obstruction, Or Damage To The Nerves Can Result In A Weak Neurological System. In Pizhichil, Therapeutic Oils Are Massaged Into The Skin In Light, Flowing Strokes To Relieve Stress And Tension In The Body.

Treats Erectile Dysfunction And Other Sexual Disorders In Men: Pizhichil Therapy Has Been Utilised To Treat Erectile Dysfunction And Other Sexual Issues In Men. Due To Muscular Injury And Clogged Blood Arteries, This Might Lead To A Variety Of Health Issues. Sexual Weakness Can Be Cured By A Massage Since It Improves Circulation And Strengthens Your Body From The Inside Out.

Pizhichil Therapy: What To Think About Before Getting It

Ayurveda’s Pizhichil Therapy Is One Of The Greatest, However It Is Rarely Used In Isolation To Treat A Single Illness. Supplementing Other Treatments Or Pharmaceuticals May Be An Option, Depending On The Patient’s Body Type And The Severity Of The Ailment. Ayurveda’s Most Effective Treatment For Muscle Strength And The Prevention Of Neuromuscular Problems Is Pizhichil.

In Other Cases, Pizhichil Treatment Should Be Avoided Altogether.

Individuals With Illnesses Such As Kapha Aggravation, Indigestion And Vomiting, Obesity And Diarrhoea As Well As Acute Fever And Ascites Should Avoid Pizhichil Treatment.

Pizhichil Should Also Be Avoided Before Or After Receiving Nasya And Vasti Treatment, As Well As During Pregnancy.

As A Pizhichil Treatment Center, Govardhan Ecovillage Is The Best Option

As A Result, Stress And Anxiety Have Become An Everyday Part Of Our Lives, Affecting Our Mental And Physical Well-Being. In Order To Keep Stress At Bay And Maintain General Health, Ayurveda Should Be Used At Times. During Your Stay At Govardhan Ecovillage, Pizhichil Therapy Is Available To Help You Relax And Rejuvenate.

Strengthening Your Body, Relaxing Your Mind, Boosting Immunity, And Preventing Many Ailments Are All Benefits Of Pizhichil. Pizhichil Treatment Is A Holistic And Traditional Approach To Healing And Well-Being That Our Doctors And Ayurveda Practitioners May Assist You With.