Rejuvenate Your Body And Your Mind With Pizhichil Treatment!

Using Lukewarm Medicated Oils, Pizhichil Is An Ancient Ayurvedic Treatment That Involves A Gentle Massage Of The Entire Body. “Treatment For Aristocrats” Or “The King Of Ayurvedic Therapies” Were The Names Given To The Treatment In Ancient Times Because The Kings Received It. Sarvangadhara, Kaya Seka, And Thailadhara Are Some Of The Other Names For The Pizhichil Procedure. In Ayurveda’s […]

Abhyanga Is A Type Of Massage In Which Heated Oil Is Used. The Oil Is Slathered All Over Your Body, From Your Scalp To Your Toes.

In Ayurveda, A System Of Indian Medicine, This Is The Most Common Massage. Ayurveda Emphasises The Need Of A Healthy Diet And Regular Massages In Sustaining Good Health. This Approach Relies Heavily On The Use Of Essential Oils. It’s Claimed To Improve Overall Health And Well-Being When Used In Conjunction With Massage Strokes. It’s Common For A Massage Therapist To […]