The Ayurvedic Treatment For Paralysis Known As Njavarakizhi Can Be Found Here.

Njavara Rice Is Stuffed Into Cotton Fabric Boluses And Massaged Into The Body After A Substantial Amount Of Medicinal Oil Is Applied. Paralysis Can Be Treated With Ayurvedic Methods. To Promote Sudation, The Boluses Are Dipped In A Regenerative Mixture Of Cow’s Milk And A Brewed Herbal Decoction (Sweat). With This Treatment, The Client Is Given The Tools They’ll Need […]

A Psycho-Physiological Profile Of Healthy Volunteers Who Received Shirodhara

Traditional Ayurvedic Practise Shirodhara Is A Method Of Dripping Oil Or Other Liquids On The Forehead In A Slow And Steady Stream. To Achieve A Dynamic Psycho-Somatic Balance, This Procedure Induces An Altered State Of Consciousness. Shirodhara’s Psychological And Physiological Effects On Healthy Volunteers Will Be Evaluated By Monitoring Mood And Stress Levels, Electrocardiogram (Ecg), Electroencephalogram (Eeg) And Selected Biochemical […]

Rejuvenate Your Body And Your Mind With Pizhichil Treatment!

Using Lukewarm Medicated Oils, Pizhichil Is An Ancient Ayurvedic Treatment That Involves A Gentle Massage Of The Entire Body. “Treatment For Aristocrats” Or “The King Of Ayurvedic Therapies” Were The Names Given To The Treatment In Ancient Times Because The Kings Received It. Sarvangadhara, Kaya Seka, And Thailadhara Are Some Of The Other Names For The Pizhichil Procedure. In Ayurveda’s […]

Abhyanga Is A Type Of Massage In Which Heated Oil Is Used. The Oil Is Slathered All Over Your Body, From Your Scalp To Your Toes.

In Ayurveda, A System Of Indian Medicine, This Is The Most Common Massage. Ayurveda Emphasises The Need Of A Healthy Diet And Regular Massages In Sustaining Good Health. This Approach Relies Heavily On The Use Of Essential Oils. It’s Claimed To Improve Overall Health And Well-Being When Used In Conjunction With Massage Strokes. It’s Common For A Massage Therapist To […]

Massage Practices

In Order To Properly Appreciate A Massage, You Must First Undergo An Ayurvedic One, Or Abhyanga. Holistic Massage Treatment, Which Originated In India, Is A Deep, Nutritious, And Calming Method To Healing. Using Oils Infused With Medicinal Herbs, Practitioners Massage The Entire Body To Nourish Cells, Tissues, And Energy Pathways. As A Result Of This Strategy, We Are Able To […]

Massage In Ayurveda: A Definition

It Is Estimated That The Ayurvedic Massage Has Been Practised For At Least 5000 Years (Which Is Not Nothing You Will Agree). As Its Name Suggests, Ayurveda, The Indian Medicine That Is Still Practised Today And Recognised By The Who, Is The Inspiration For This Product (World Health Organization). Ayurvedic Medicine Emphasises The Importance Of Both Physical And Mental Well-Being […]