Abhyanga,Pizhichil And Garshana
Ayurvedic Dry Brushing For Detoxification And Glowing Skin Is Garshana.

Ayurvedic Dry Brushing For Detoxification And Glowing Skin Is Garshana.

What Is Garshana?

An Awakening Takes Place In The Spring. Our Limbs Begin To Ache As The Ground Begins To Thaw And Bird Songs Beckon Us Outside. We’re Being Roused From Our Slumber By The Hum Of Life All Around Us. Ayurveda Refers To Spring As The Kapha Season Because The Elements Of Earth And Water Are Most Prominent. Plants Of All Kinds Emerge From The Earth’s Soil As The Earth’s Rivers And Soil Become Saturated With Water. All Around Us, There Is A Rebirth Taking Place.

There Are Many Benefits To Spring, But The Kapha Season Can Also Lead To Physical And Mental Imbalances. Allergies And Congestion May Worsen For Many People As Pollen Begins To Float Through The Air. A Buildup Of Sebum (Oil) On The Skin Can Lead To Breakouts. Any Of These Symptoms, Or If You’re Just Feeling Foggy Or Stagnant In The Body, May Indicate That You Need To Gently Detoxify. With Ayurveda’s Excellent Cleansing Rituals Like Neti & Nasya, Tribulus And One Of Our Spring Offerings, Garshana That Help Revitalise The Body And Uplift Your Sense, You’ll Be Ready To Take On The New Season.

‘friction By Rubbing’ Is A Sanskrit Word Known As Garshana (Pronounced Gar-Shun-Uh). With This Ayurvedic Lymphatic Massage, Known As Dry Brushing, You Can Detoxify Your Lymphatic System, Refresh Your Skin And Re-Energize Your Mind. The Use Of A Dry Bristle Brush For Garshana Has Recently Gained Popularity, But It May Be Too Harsh For Those With Sensitive Skin To Use.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage’s Health Benefits

You May Be Wondering, “What Exactly Is The Lymphatic System Used For?”


It Is Through The Lymphatic System That The Body Receives And Distributes The White Blood Cells That Fight Infection. Thus, It Serves As The Body’s Drainage System, Removing Toxins, Ama (Unwanted Substances), And Other Unwanted Materials.

A Person’s Lymphatic System, Unlike The Circulatory System, Does Not Move On Its Own. Consequently, It Can Become Inefficient Or “Sluggish” As A Result Of Today’s Modern Sedentary Lifestyle, Which Is Unfortunate The Lymphatic System Requires Daily Deep Breathing, Cardio Exercise, Yoga, And Garshana Or Abhyanga Massage In Order To Function Properly.

The Benefits Of Garshana Self-Care For Detoxification And Optimal Lymphatic And Immune Health Are Clear, As You Can See.

  • Exclusive Perks Of Dry Brushing
  • Garshana Has Numerous Health And Beauty Advantages:
  • Helps The Lymphatic System Get Rid Of Waste
  • Ama Is Expelled From The Body (Toxins)
  • Stimulates The Circulatory System To Increase Blood Flow.
  • Energizes The Body By Releasing Endorphins
  • Anxiety-Fighting Properties
  • Exfoliation Promotes Cell Renewal By Removing Dead Skin Cells.
  • Skin Tone And Texture Are Restored.

All Of These Benefits Help To Counteract Excess Kapha Dosha. “

Dry Brushing Technique: The Garshana Method

  • As Much Pressure As Possible Should Be Applied While Brushing In The Direction Of The Heart To Aid In The Movement Of Lymph In The Body. Brush Fatty Areas With More Force, And Sensitive Areas With More Care.
  • Starting At The Top Of The Head, Move Your Garshana Gloves In Small Circular Motions.
  • As An Alternative, You Can Use Circular Motions From The Centre Of The Face Outward To Massage The Face.
  • Long Brush Strokes Should Be Used To Reach The Neck And Shoulders.
  • Long Strokes With Circular Motions At The Elbow And Wrist Are Next.
  • Make Circular Motions Around The Abdomen In A Clockwise Direction, Mimicking The Natural Path Of Digestion.
  • The Same Circular Motion Can Be Used To Massage The Lower Back And Hips/Buttocks.
  • Using Circular Strokes For The Knees And Ankles, And Long Strokes For The Feet And Legs, Complete The Massage.
  • Tip For Quick Cleanup: Garshana Can Be Performed While Standing On A Towel Or In The Shower, Where Dead Skin Cells Can Be Sloughed Off.
  • Finally, Take A Shower To Remove Any Remaining Residue And Apply A Paavani Body Oil To Your Skin For A Radiant Glow!
  • Brushing The Face With A Dry Brush Is A Common Practise.
  • On Either Side Of Your Neck, Behind Your Ears, The Sternocleidomastoid Muscle (Scm) Drains The Lymph. Facial Swoops Up And Down The Jawline, Drawing Up To The Ears. From The Upper Lip Down To The Tmj, Do A 3x Sweep (Tmj). (3x) Sweep The Cheeks And Nose Bridge. From The 3rd Eye To Your Temples, Do A Sweep Three Times. Sweep The Hairline To The Temples Three Times. (3x)
  • Back And Forth Forehead Friction With Fingertips Of Both Hands.
  • Figure 8-Style Friction On The Cheeks.
  • An Issue With A Squeaky Nose.
  • A Facial Sweep Up The Face And Across The Forehead Is A Great Way To End A Massage.