Abhyanga,Pizhichil And Garshana
Abhyanga Is A Type Of Massage In Which Heated Oil Is Used. The Oil Is Slathered All Over Your Body, From Your Scalp To Your Toes.

Abhyanga Is A Type Of Massage In Which Heated Oil Is Used. The Oil Is Slathered All Over Your Body, From Your Scalp To Your Toes.

In Ayurveda, A System Of Indian Medicine, This Is The Most Common Massage. Ayurveda Emphasises The Need Of A Healthy Diet And Regular Massages In Sustaining Good Health.

This Approach Relies Heavily On The Use Of Essential Oils. It’s Claimed To Improve Overall Health And Well-Being When Used In Conjunction With Massage Strokes.

It’s Common For A Massage Therapist To Do Abhyanga. Abhyanga Massage Can Be Performed In The Privacy Of Your Own Home, Though.

Taking A Look At The Possible Advantages And How To Do This Ayurvedic Massage Is In Order.


While Abhyanga Hasn’t Been Studied In Depth, It Has Been Practised For Millennia. A Large Number Of People Have Experienced Positive Results And Continue To Use This Therapy.

There Is Scientific Evidence To Support The Health Benefits Of Regular Massages. Abhyanga’s Anecdotal Benefits May Be Due To This.

Reduce Your Level Of Anxiety

Abhyanga Has Been Shown To Reduce Stress In Healthy Persons In A Small Study Conducted In 2011.

Participants Completed A Stress Questionnaire And Had Their Heart Rate Monitored Before Having An Hour-Long Abhyanga Massage. After The Session, Both Tests Were Repeated.

Stress And Heart Rate Were Reduced Following The Massage, According To The Study.

Other Studies Have Indicated Comparable Effects From Abhyanga, But Larger Trials Are Needed To Fully Understand How It Relieves Stress.

The Autonomic Nerve System Of 44 Healthy Women Was Studied In A 2018 Study Using Rhythmical Massage With Fragrant Oil.

The Autonomic Nervous System Is Negatively Affected By Stress, Resulting In Decreased Heart Rate Variability. The Lower The Heart Rate Variability, The More Stressed You Are; The Larger The Variability, The More Relaxed You Are.

Researchers Observed That Rhythmical Massage Elicited Long-Term Changes In Heart Rate Variability, A Sign Of Calm, Among Participants In The Trial. With The Addition Of Aromatic Oil, The Effects Were Immediate.

There Is A Possibility That Abhyanga, Which Also Uses Massage And Oils, Could Have The Same Effects.

Blood Pressure Can Be Reduced

In The 2011 Studytrusted Source, Researchers Also Measured The Blood Pressure Of The Individuals. Prehypertensive Patients Saw A Drop In Their Blood Pressure Following Abhyanga.

Because Massage Has An Effect On The Circulation System, This Could Be The Cause Of This. The Blood Vessels Dilate During A Traditional Massage. This Improves Blood Pressure By Increasing Blood Flow And Decreasing Artery Resistance.

It’s Still Unclear How Abhyanga Affects Blood Pressure Directly.

Enhance Skin Health

It Is Widely Accepted That Abhyanga’s Primary Advantage Is A Healthy Complexion.

The Oil Is Applied To The Skin In Order To Hydrate It, Which Is Said To Enhance Its Overall Appearance. Help Alleviate Aches And Pains

Blood Flow To The Skin

Anti-Wrinkle And Anti-Cellulite Ingredients

Enhance The Skin’s Structure And Appearance

The Appearance Of Hyperpigmentation

These Assertions Have Some Substance To Them. Facial Massage Rollers, For Example, Have Been Shown To Enhance Skin Blood Flow In A 2018 Study. Scars Can Be Reduced In Look And Thickness By Massaging Them, According To A Study Published In 2018.

Massage, On The Other Hand, Has Been Shown To Have Only A Limited Effect On The Skin. Research Is Needed To Verify That Massage, Such As Abhyanga, May Improve The Skin.

Slightly Loosen Up The Muscles

Abhyanga Is Also Said To Improve Flexibility. Stiffness And Mobility Are Supposed To Be Reduced By Releasing Tight, Shortened Muscles.

Ankle Massage, For Example, Was Proven To Increase Ankle Joint Flexibility In A Study Published In 2017. Additionally, Researchers Found That Self-Massage Prior To Stretching Enhances Lower Leg Range Of Motion In A Study Published In 2019.

Abhyanga, Being A Form Of Massage, May Have The Same Effects. Abhyanga’s Effect On Flexibility Needs Further Investigation.

Boosts Lymphatic Circulation

Any Sort Of Massage Is Known To Benefit From Lymphatic Drainage. Proponents Of Abhyanga And Lymph Flow Claim It Has A Favourable Effect, Despite The Lack Of Scientific Evidence.

Your Lymphatic System Eliminates Waste From The Body. Lymphedema, Or Swelling, Can Occur If You Undergo Surgery Or A Medical Condition That Causes Excess Fluid To Accumulate In Your Lymphatic System.

Lymphatic Drainage Can Be Improved With Massage. Pressure On Lymphatic Veins Widens Them, Allowing Lymph To Flow More Freely.

Lymphedema Can Be Alleviated By Massage Following Surgery, Injury, Or Radiation Treatment.