Udvartana,Shirodhara And Njavarakizhi
A Psycho-Physiological Profile Of Healthy Volunteers Who Received Shirodhara

A Psycho-Physiological Profile Of Healthy Volunteers Who Received Shirodhara

Traditional Ayurvedic Practise Shirodhara Is A Method Of Dripping Oil Or Other Liquids On The Forehead In A Slow And Steady Stream. To Achieve A Dynamic Psycho-Somatic Balance, This Procedure Induces An Altered State Of Consciousness.

Shirodhara’s Psychological And Physiological Effects On Healthy Volunteers Will Be Evaluated By Monitoring Mood And Stress Levels, Electrocardiogram (Ecg), Electroencephalogram (Eeg) And Selected Biochemical Markers Of Stress.

For This Study, We Used Materials And Methods Drawn From The Human Pharmacology Laboratory. When Comparing Pre- And Post-Shirodhara Data, The Study Design Was Open Labelled. Healthy Human Volunteers (N = 16) Who Had Given Their Informed Consent Were The Subjects Of This Study. Abhyanga – A Full-Body Massage – Preceded Shirodhara. A Peristaltic Pump Was Used To Control The Rate Of Dripping And The Temperature Of The Shirodhara Method. Validated Rating Scales Were Used To Gauge Participants’ Feelings Of Happiness And Anxiety. Ecg And Eeg Records Were Compared Before And After Shirodhara.

Statistical Significance Was Determined By Applying The Student’s Paired “T” Test To The Mean And Standard Error Of The Variables To Calculate P 0.05. Mood Scores And Levels Of Stress Improved Significantly (P 0.001). Breathing And Diastolic Blood Pressure Both Decreased Significantly, As Did The Heart Rate, In Conjunction With These Changes. After Shirodhara, The Eeg Showed An Increase In Alpha Rhythm, Which Was Associated With A More Relaxed State Of Alertness.

Relaxation Is Similar To The State Of Calmness That Can Be Achieved Through A Standardised Shirodhara. Anxiety, Hypertension And Stress Exacerbated By Chronic Degenerative Diseases May Benefit From Shirodhara Because Of These Adaptive Physiological Effects.

Shirodhara, Ayurveda, And Stress

Aspects That May Be Advantageous

People Swear By Shirodhara’s Sedative And Tranquillizing Properties For Both Their Bodies And Minds.

The Following Studies Suggest That Shirodhara May Be Beneficial:

  • Improve The Quality Of Your Sleep
  • Alleviate Anxiety By Controlling Insomnia
  • Source You Can Count On (When Combined With Yoga)
  • Cut Down On Your Level Of Stress
  • Source You Can Count On
  • Keep In Mind That The Majority Of Studies On The Benefits Of Shirodhara Have Been Small, Involving Only A Few People. Despite This, None Of Them Point To Any Side Effects Of The Treatment.

What’s Involved In The Process

Working With An Ayurvedic-Trained Professional Is Recommended For Those Who Are New To Shirodhara (More On How To Find One Later).

Prior To Your Consultation, You’ll Be Asked To Relax By Lying On Your Back.

The Practitioner Will Then Place The Liquid In A Bowl And Heat It Until It Is About The Same Temperature As Your Body. They May Use A Stand Or Hold The Bowl Over Your Head.

Either Way, A Small Hole In The Bottom Of The Bowl Allows The Liquid To Slowly Drip Up And Land Between Your Eyebrows. A Thin, Protective Layer Will Be Placed Over Your Eyes To Shield Them From The Sun’s Harmful Rays.

Depending On The Complexity, This Can Take Anywhere From 30 Minutes To Up To 90 Minutes Total. Prior To Or Following Your Procedure, You May Receive A Massage.

Options In The Liquid State.

Liquid Choice Is Not A One Size Fits All Situation, And Preferences Vary From Practitioner To Practitioner. Others May Use A Variety Of Liquids To Achieve A Variety Of Results.

A Common Reason For The Widespread Use Of Sesame Oil Is That It Is A Relatively Neutral Oil That Mixes Well With Essential Oils.

Other Oils That Could Be Used Are:

Sesame Seed Oil

  • Oil Made From Coconuts Is Called “Coconut
  • Clarified Butter Oil From Ksheerabala Mahanarayan (Ghee)
  • Some Doctors May Choose To Use:
  • Animal Milk Buttermilk Coconut Water
  • Ayurvedic Herbs May Be Used In Conjunction With Essential Oils.
  • Before Your Appointment, Be Sure To Inform Your Practitioner Of Any Allergies Or Skin Sensitivities You May Have.


  • Shirodhara Is A Safe Practise. Inexperienced Practitioners Shouldn’t Have Any Issues With Hot Or Scalding Liquids, Which Are The Main Dangers.
  • In The Event That You Have Extremely Sensitive Skin, You May Want To Inquire About Conducting A Patch Test With The Liquid First. Never Use Pure Essential Oils Without First Diluting Them With A Carrier Oil.
  • Shirodhara Should Be Avoided If You Have Any Open Wounds On Your Face, Especially If They Are On The Upper Lip.
  • Identifying A Specialist
  • Look For Shirodhara Practitioners In Your Area If You’d Like To Give It A Try.